Video Production

We create cinema quality videos for businesses looking to set themselves apart

Whether you are looking to improve your social media channel like Youtube, Instagram or Twitter, create a television advertisement, or produce a corporate video for your business, Avamia has you covered. We have the team and equipment ready to help you plan, shoot, edit, and distribute your videos to tell a story.

What is Video Production?

Creating a corporate video, advertisement for television, or an engaging educational video may seem like it’s a complex process only Hollywood understands, but it turns out it’s actually a simple set of steps.

Video production encompasses all the steps in planning the video shoot.

  • Pre-production is figuring out the location, who will be there, what’s your budget, what kind of story you want to tell, and the equipment required to actually capture the videos.
  • Onsite production includes showing up to the location(s) for the video, filming each of the scenes necessary (sometimes several takes to get it right) and making sure all of the raw video is ready for editing.
  • Post-production includes putting the pieces of the raw captured video together in a creative and compelling way that tells the story you are trying to achieve. This includes cutting up the video clips and selecting the best takes, making sure the sound levels match, picking out and composing music that helps engage viewers.
  • Post production also includes color grading. This unique service is the secret sauce in making your videos look just like the movies on the big screen.


What Are the Benefits?

One of the most engaging mediums of content on social media, advertising and the web is video. By investing in high quality video production, from meticulous pre-production planning, to using cinema-grade cameras, and cutting edge video editing techniques, you’ll be able to uniquely demonstrate your product or services, have more ranking signals for SEO, build a stronger emotional connection with your audience and most importantly convert your viewers into customers.

Why Avamia

We take the time to understand your brand and focus on the details that will get you a return on your investment. Our attention to quality, technical knowledge, and streamlined user experience helps give you an edge over the competition. With Avamia, we can help optimize every step of your PPC campaign process.

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