Software Support

Dedicated support staff ensuring your customers don't notice when things go wrong

What is Software Support?

Anytime your website, app or IT infrastructure has something unexpected happen, needs to be upgraded, or scaled to handle more traffic, IT support and engineering is responsible to ensure your systems act as they are expected to.

If you don’t have an engineer on site or available, who will fix the issues that inevitably happen? Having dedicated support engineers on call is important to ensure that as bugs happen (unexpected problems arising with your software), library packages need to be upgraded, and systems are built in a way to handle the amount of traffic that you expect, will ensure that your end customers and users don’t notice things as they arise.

One thing to realize is that people are impatient; if your website or services go down, and no one is there to fix it, your customers will leave for another solution that works.



What Are the Benefits?

By having dedicated support staff available, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that someone is on call, ready to fix problems for your site as they arise. Who’s there on the weekends, holidays, and critical times where most other people are not? Having support staff helps improve customer experience and reduces service interruptions. With Software support, you can focus on your core business while the support team can ensure you are running 24/7.

Why Avamia

Since Avamia manages it’s own website infrastructure, we know what it’s like for things to break and wanting assurance that everything will just work. We have the team and experience to make sure your business runs smoothly without hiccups. With our team of full stack engineers, from IT infrastructure, networking and devops, to application level developers and front end engineers, we have the technical chops to ensure your website runs smoothly. Avamia manages a large portfolio of application use cases, from small WordPress sites, to million-transaction level applications and hundreds thousands of viewers expecting 100% uptime.

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