Landing Page Design

We help business owners achieve actionable goals through optimized landing pages

What is Landing Page Design?

Landing Page design is the process of comping up with a targeted webpage to market a product or service and for customers to take specific actions. These type of pages aren’t usually part of the standard website experience and have a more limited set of actions a user can take depending on the goals of the page and ad campaign.

Landing pages on their own aren’t much more useful than a standard webpage, but in conjunction with an ad campaign with paid traffic, can be a powerful combination of turning leads into customers.


What Are the Benefits?

When business owners create ads on Google Ads, they have to link to a webpage for their ad. You place a maximum bid range to compete against other people bidding for similar keywords. When Google compares several people to bid on a top placement, it turns out, they will place an ad higher not only by the bid price, but also the quality score of a keyword directly tied to the relevance of the landing page.

In other words, having a more targeted landing page can directly impact your costs before users are even clicking on your ad to look at your offering. This can save you thousands of dollars of adspend by just spending the time on focusing on keyword, relevancy, page speed, and several other factors that will help your landing page convert leads into customers.

Why Avamia?

We are designed focused, and data driven. Avamia also understands what it takes to win across the various ad platforms, and knows what drives customers to take action. Our entire process is goal oriented, and we don’t want to landing pages that won’t drive customers to purchase from your business or take a specific action like signing up for a newsletter, webinar or consultation.

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