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What is Hosting?

To get your website or web application available to others, you need to host your site somewhere. There’s various options, from Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and even Dedicated hosting that allow you to share your site with the entire world.


What Are the Benefits?

With Shared Hosting, Avamia can get you the cheapest and quickest path to running your website. With VPS hosting, you’ll have consistent resources for your site, and it will be easier to scale. Using Cloud hosting, you’ll have more control over the underlying infrastructure like networking, storage and redundancy. With Dedicated hosting, you’ll have the full set of resources at your disposal to manage things how you’d like.

Why Avamia

With Avamia, the details matter. When it comes to hosting, we care a lot about not only how quick and efficient your site will run, but also how secure your site is. Avamia has expertise in hosting technologies and understands the need for ease of use for the end user.

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