Email Marketing

We help businesses connect with their audience through targeted email marketing to increase leads and conversions.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the process of creating messaging with copywriting, strategic segmentation of lists with visual design, which all together form a way to communicate with your previous customers and potential leads that might be on the fence to purchase your product and services. There are numerous types of emails you can send, from weekly newsletters,  drip campaigns, and promotions to motivate customers that need a nudge to finally commit to purchasing.


What Are the Benefits?

As you continue to grow your email lists, email marketing is a great way for free messaging to an already self selecting audience. Investing in email marketing is a great way to deliver targeted messages, a lower cost option compared to other forms of marketing, and a high converting channel for market research. Email marketing is also an easy way for the recipients to share with their friends, and can increase traffic to your site which will increase the number of leads you receive, and ultimately increase conversions for your product and services.

Why Avamia

Avamia offers a variety of marketing services including copywriting, graphic design, and software development. Putting all of these services together with your email marketing campaign, our experienced team will craft a strategic email marketing campaign that helps identify what kind of emails are necessary to drive conversions. We can help you with a simple newsletter, or build custom integrations with your website for a multi-email drip campaign.

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